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Application Process

Entry to the Scieneering program is competitive and requires submission of a formal application. Applications are now accepted on a rolling basis. Acceptance to the program is determined by a review panel, with up to 80 students selected annually.


STEP 1: Review the database of projects and mentors

The main goal of the Scieneering program is to provide you with a truly interdisciplinary experience. Therefore, your research experience will take place under the direction of a mentor in a discipline outside your own, such that, for example, a biology student will work with a mentor in an engineering discipline. Below is an excel spreadsheet of current 2013-2014 Scieneering mentors and their research projects, in addition to the database from 2012-13, which still has some currently available projects. The newest database is being updated regularly, so check back often. Please use the tabs along the bottom of each spreadsheet to navigate to the worksheet specifically compiled for you, based on your major. Review this worksheet to identify projects of interest to you and for which you have the necessary listed qualifications/skills.


Database of projects and mentors:

2013-2014 Project Database (XLSX | 76KB)

  2012-2013 database of projects (XLSX | 102KB)


Note that there is also a tab that provides some information about each mentor and their mentoring philosophy. You may contact a mentor to learn more about their specific research, but this is not required. 


If you have trouble finding a project that interests you, you may also review the project listings offered during the 2011-2012 academic year. However, please bear in mind that these projects may no longer be available. It is your responsibility to contact the listed mentor if you wish to pursue a project from these lists.


Life Science students (COS, CALS, CNRE, etc): Database for Life Science Students (2012) (XLSX | 87KB)

Engineering and Physical Science students (COE, BSE, Chemistry, etc): Database for Engineers and Physical Scientists (2012) (XLSX | 76KB)


STEP 2: Choose A Project and Mentor

Identify and rank your project preferences based on your interests and skill set. Note that some projects listed may be in your major discipline; these are available to you because one of the co-mentors satisfies the basic requirement of being in a different discipline (these co-mentors are highlighted in red). Also note that some projects are not located at the Blacksburg campus, and will be listed as such.


STEP 3: Complete the Application Form

The application is available online as a fillable form: 


  2013 Application Form 


Complete all sections of the form; incomplete applications will not be considered. Once you have completed the application form, submit it electronically, according to the online instructions.


STEP 4: Submit Supporting Documents

Along with your application form, you must submit:

  1. VT transcript (official or unofficial)
  2. Two letters of recommendation

These documents may be submitted via email, fax or mail to:

Scieneering Program Admissions
Virginia Tech
5029A Derring Hall (0406)
Blacksburg, VA 24061



Applications will not be reviewed until all supporting documentation has been received.


STEP 5: Application Review

We will review your application package and if you are selected to be a Scieneer, we will match you with a mentor. You will be notified via e-mail within two weeks of the review. 


If you have any questions about the application process, please email us.


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